CHAPTER 7: The Steyr Scout Rifle

In September of 1990 Steyr Mannlicher invited Jeff Cooper to visit. This meeting was reportedly instigated at the urging of J.P. Denis, the President of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) at that time. During that meeting Cooper shared his Scout Rifle vision with Herr Ulrich Zedrosser, J.P. Denis, and Steyr Mannlicher President Heinz Hambrusch.

Cooper suggested Steyr could build a Scout Rifle on their Model L action with only a few modifications and a different stock. Steyr was interested but had just begun development of the Safe Bolt System (SBS) action and did not anticipate its completion until 1993. The idea was not scrapped and Cooper invited Zedrosser to visit and take a course at Gunsite using a prototype Scout Rifle so as to better under stand the concept.

Scout II – Sweetheart – served as the inspirational prototype for the Steyr Scout Rifle.

“Herr Ulrich Zedrosser spent a full week here in December [1990] observing our last rifle class. He is Chief of Design for Steyr-Mannlicher and, within reason, what he says pretty much goes. He mentioned d the creation of a prototype as if it were a foregone conclusion, and Herr Murg from Swarovski seemed quite ready to proceed on an integrated, long-eye relief, low-mounted telescope.”71

Zedrosser was very impressed with how well Sweetheart – Scout II – worked and Cooper’s Scout Rifle Concept. He began sketching out ideas for the new rifle and in 1991 produced his first conceptualized layout. His intention at the time was for the rifle to allow for the mounting of a conventional or scout scope, and for it to meet the less than seven-pound – 3 kilo – weight limit.

This video represents an excellent example of what a Steyr Scout Rifle was made for; wilderness adventure.