Check out Richard Mann’s Facebook pages Empty Cases and The Scout Rifle Study you will be glad you did March 13, 2018
Finally a book dedicated to Scout Rifles. Very informative and well written. Check out Richard Mann’s Facebook pages Empty Cases and The Scout Rifle Study you will be glad you did !
Charles E. Smith Jr.
Finally a book dedicated to the Scout Rifle Concept! March 12, 2018
Very well done! Informative and a good read….not just reference material. R. Mann knows his stuff. Highly recommended for anyone interested in or curious about the Scout Rifle Concept. Thanks for writing this!
THE Authoratative Publication on Scout Rifles past, present, and future March 4, 2018

Before reading this book, I had scoured the internet trying to gather as much knowledge as I could not only about actual, production Scout rifles, the concept, and the man behind the concept. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on it until I read this book.

This work is an excellent all-in-one, one-stop-shop reference on the rifle, the concept, and Jeff Cooper. The book is written in a very easy to read manner that doesn’t stray into unnecessary tangential stories, nor does it bore you to death with charts and data. It finds that perfect balance that is rare to come across in firearms publications- excellent data referencing that supports superb writing and story telling.

I appreciated the background on the development of the Scout Rifle concept, as well as the work put into confirming the definition of Cooper’s “Scout Rifle.” But perhaps most of all, I loved the analysis of all currently produced Scout Rifles (from Steyr, Ruger, etc.), peppered those with custom Scout Rifles, and then put them all through tests and published the results.

In short, this book is great as a read from cover to cover, or simply as a “let me check something real quick” reference guide. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone interested in firearms as, for better or for worse, Col. Cooper’s Scout Rifle is an extraordinary idea that deserves a thoughtful and thorough analysis, and I can think of no author who had done a better job than Mr. Mann.

and easily capable of being used to defend yourself March 3, 2018

This is a well written, and well researched book on the scout rifle. The scout rifle concept was developed by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper as one rifle to fill all needs. This book highlights how successful the scout rifle is at being a modern, all purpose rifle, capable of hunting anything but the largest of African animals, and easily capable of being used to defend yourself.

This book’s in-depth exploration of the origins of the scout rifle, and summaries of the currently available modern version is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in either the scout rifle specifically, and rifles in general.

This book, and frankly any of Richard Mann’s books, would be an excellent addition to your library.

Richard Ehrlich
I really like this book because it was well and thoroughly researched … March 3, 2018

For anyone interested learning about what just might be the ultimate general-purpose rifle or for those wondering what in the world is this thing called a Scout rifle, and even for those who think they know what a Scout rifle is, this book is a definite must have.

I really like this book because it was well and thoroughly researched and reading it should give one a comprehensive education on the subject. The only way to get anything close would be to read all of Jeff Cooper’s writings about it as I have done (I also have the advantage of having known Jeff and discussed the subject at great length with him), but that’s difficult as those were sprinkled about in numerous writings and over many years. This books conveniently rolls the essentials into one neat package, and there is no other book which has taken such a comprehensive look at the Scout concept and rifle as defined by Jeff Cooper. I liked it enough that I bought two copies (one for me and one to loan out to select individuals). Definitely worth the price. Highly recommended!