The Scout Rifle Study DVD will be available for purchase with or without the book in July of 2018.


Book Review: The Scout Rifle Study, Paper Edition

Think you know all about Jeff Cooper’s famous general-purpose rifle concept?You need to read Richard Mann’s book

“Last fall, Richard Mann sent out The Scout Rifle Study via e-mail, but at least in my case, the connection didn’t work and I only got to see part of it. So, if you believe in paper as opposed to cyberspace, now is your chance to see and own the whole thing. This book—a 224-page examination of the Scout Rifle from concept to field performance—is a work of love, and of obsession, and there is a staggering amount of work and research in it, and you get to benefit.

The Scout Rifle itself is the creation of Jeff Cooper. It is the tool of the military man who is skilled in land navigation, observation, stealth, headlong flight, marksmanship, and picking the ground where you wish to make a fight of it. Or the hunter who walks a lot and wants one rifle that can do anything. READ MORE

DAVE PETZAL – Rifles Editor, Field & Stream